e-merge in Jönköping county

e-merge is the merging of the digital and physical world. Efficient and fast logistics solutions, with both digital and physical distribution channels, determine whether companies stay in one place or not. Jönköping county is the perfect location to establish new businesses. Our county is located close to the E4 highway, the national railroad mainline and a local cargo airport. We’re already one of northern Europe’s most important logistics locations. We’re about to become the heart of e-commerce and logistics in Scandinavia.

”The e-merge project is about Jönköping county taking a leading position in e-commerce and logistics. We’re merging research, public development resources and local entrepreneurship in an absolutely fantastic way.”

Kristina Athlei, Regional Development Director

From good to great

When logistical advantages are linked to a rapidly growing competence in e-commerce, it’s also possible for more organizations to evolve and grow in Jönköping county. Research, talents and companies are already moving here. We want them to stay and become even better.

Project objectives

1. Strengthen our common ground and coordinate development of the project vision.
2. Expand and develop our existing corporate network in e-commerce and logistics.
3. Enable new as well as established e-commerce and logistics companies to create sustainable processes and adapted business models.

Project stakeholders

In collaboration with Jönköping Institute of Technology, Science Park, the county’s municipalities and a proactive business community represented by Jönköping Chamber of Commerce, e-merge links research, public development resources and local entrepreneurship together. We’ve merged knowledge from different sectors and stakeholders, enabling new possibilities to emerge.
Project e-merge is run by the County of Jönköping.

And is financed by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, the EU’s regional development fund, Almi, Sparbanksstiftelsen ACFA, Handelskammaren, Region Jönköping County and the county’s municipalities.