The heart of e-commerce and logistics

The development in e-commerce and logistics is one of the most important future matters of our time. As purchasing behavior changes towards an ever-increasing degree of digital business online, companies need to change their product flow. Region Jönköping County has started this three-year project, e-merge, in order to make Jönköping the heart of e-commerce and logistics. Jönköping County will not only follow developments in digital business and logistics, but lead it too.

– ”The e-merge project is about Jönköping County taking a leading position in e-commerce and logistics”, says Kristina Athlei, Regional Development Director. ”In collaboration with Jönköping University, Science Park, the county’s municipalities and a proactive business community represented by Jönköping Chamber of Commerce, we unite research, public development resources and local entrepreneurship in an absolutely fantastic way.”

e-merge is the meeting between the digital and the physical world. The companies’ demands for efficient and fast logistics solutions with both digital and physical distribution channels determine whether they choose to stay in one place, establish new businesses there – or leave. Jönköping County, close to E4, the railway’s pedestrian path and freight flight, has long been one of northern Europe’s most important logistics locations.

When the county’s logistical advantages are linked to a rapidly growing competence in e-commerce, it’s also possible for more organizations to develop and remain. Research, talents and different companies are already moving here.